About Us

Actually Autistic Care is part of the AAC Health Group and has more than 20 years experience with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy. Our Actually Autistic Care specialty is run by actually Autistic and ADHD husband and wife team, Alwyn and Jo.

Alwyn and Jo

Alwyn Blayse

The official stuff: Alwyn is the CEO and Principal Physiotherapist at  AAC. Alwyn has been a physio for over 20 years and started AAC back in 2007 in a regional area. He has led our vision of helping those in regional areas with caring and high-quality allied health. As an Autistic and ADHD individual in a neurodivergent family, Alwyn is passionate about helping Autistic and ADHD individuals thrive.

The human stuff: Alwyn likes all animals but especially camels, goats and cats. His favourite things to do are spending time with his beautiful family (he is married to Jo), eating out, trying new recipes in the kitchen (he’s been trying to master sauces for a long time now…) and gardening. He really loves air fans (the more the better) and Excel spreadsheets.

pronouns: he/his

Professional Development in Autism

‘Succeeding with Autism in the Teens’ by Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett (23 July 2021)

Josephine Moon

The official stuff: Josephine (Jo) is the Business Coordinator and Diversity & Inclusion Lead at AAC and a bestselling author (Josephine Moon). She has previously worked as a teacher, an editor and charity founder and chair. She is passionate about amplifying Autistic voices to have a rightful place in the mainstream. Her new novel, The Wonderful Thing About Phoenix Rose, is a contemporary fiction road trip journey with an almost entirely autistic cast, the first of its kind in Australia.

The human stuff: Jo loves animals and taking photos of animals. She has always had a special passion for horses and writing. She loves being in nature, eating out, going to the theatre and being with family and friends (she is married to Alwyn). She is a seeker of silent spaces, heat, comfortable clothes and fluffy socks. 

pronouns: she/her

Professional Speaking

Jo opened the ‘Diverse Learners Symposium’ at the National Education Summit in Brisbane on August 5.

Jo was a guest speaker at the 2022 Yellow Lady Bugs ADHD & Autistic Minds Conference

Jo runs our Autistic & ADHD Retreats

Professional Development

‘Autistic Relationships: Communication, Community, Connection’ Symposium by Reframing Autism (18 June, 2022)

‘Girls and Women with Autism’ by Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett (20 August 2021)

‘Succeeding with Autism in the Teens’ by Dr Tony Attwood & Dr Michelle Garnett (23 July 2021)

‘Autistic Flourishing: Acceptance, authenticity, autonomy’ by Reframing Autism, (5 November 2021)

2022 Yellow Lady Bugs ADHD & Autistic Minds Conference


The Wonderful Thing About Phoenix Rose, published by Penguin Australia, 18 April,2023.

I Was Diagnosed Autistic at 45: Here’s 6 Things I Want You to Know (published by Mamamia, 20th December 2021)

Creating Actually Autistic Care (published by Reframing Autism, 13th January 2022)

The Corporate Stuff

Blue Ribbon Allied Health Pty Ltd, trading as AAC Actually Autistic Care

ABN: 89634628318

Registered Address: Level 3, Mosaic Offices, 826 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Q, 4006

Ph: 1300 574 462

Email: autism@aacsunshinecoast.com.au